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Arbequina Oil

Made in Peñagolosa Olive Oil Press (in Villafamés) for the Mas del Señor Orchard.
Origin: The Mas del Señor Olive Grove is located in the Sierra de Irta nature reserve in Peñiscola. The olives were harvested on the 14th October 2017 at three o’clock in the morning in order to obtain the highest quality.
Variety: Arbequina. Premium extra virgin olive oil. With this denomination one can assume that the oil is effectively free of any defects (chemical, sensory or otherwise).
Taste: a fresh, delicate aroma, both fruity and mature, with notes of banana, apple and pear. Similar to a select almond, it monopolizes the senses.
It is extremely smooth in the mouth, with a subtle bitterness and mild spiciness. The aftertaste is the key almond note that gives this oil its delicate perfume.