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Made in Peñagolosa Olive Oil Press (in Villafamés) for the Mas del Señor Orchard.

Origin: The Mas del Señor Olive Grove is located in the Sierra de Irta nature reserve in Peñiscola.

Variety: hybrid based on the Farga and Arbequina varieties. An Extra Premium Olive Oil. With this denomination one can assume that the oil is effectively free of any defects (chemical, sensory or otherwise).

Taste: a mildly fruity olive oil which presents a fusion of mature and green aromas, which combined create its complex aroma. At first the select almond can be noted. Accompanying this are banana, apple and pear, with hints of chamomile and almond. These attributes induce bitterness of very light intensity, and a progressive spiciness which complements the prevailing freshness.

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