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Millennial Oil

Made in Peñagolosa Olive Oil Press (in Villafamés) for the Mas del Señor Orchard.
Origin: The Mas del Señor Olive Grove is located in the Sierra de Irta nature reserve in Peñiscola. The olives are harvested at the optimal point in the maturation cycle and in humidity levels for millennial and centennial trees, as certified by the Environment Council of the Region of Valencia.
Variety: Farga. Extra Premium Virgin Olive Oil. With this denomination one can assume that the oil is effectively free of any defects (chemical, sensory or otherwise).
Taste: The taste is green, fruity and mild. To the nose, it offers herbaceous tones and in the mouth it offers olive leaf notes. Rucula and artichoke are the primary registers in the nose, which are complemented by hints of tomato plant.
Very subtle almond notes conclude its aroma. Very slightly bitter, with an astringent touch and slight spiciness.